Euphoria 110 Massage El duşu 3 akışlı

TL 516,84 Tavsiye edilen perakende fiyatı (KDV dahil)


Three spray options to suit your mood – the GROHE Euphoria 110 Massage Hand Shower with water-saving technology

No matter what sort of shower you are looking for, you’ll find a great shower experience at your fingertips with the GROHE Euphoria 110 Massage hand shower. It includes 3 spray patterns as well as clever features designed for your comfort. With a sleek silhouette and stylish white spray plate, the hand shower offers a choice of 3 sprays – the soothing Rain and the eco-friendly SmartRain, plus the invigorating Massage spray. GROHE DreamSpray ensures that the flow from each and every nozzle will be even, no matter which spray you choose, and the GROHE SprayDimmer offers stepless flow rate reduction. GROHE EcoJoy limits the flow rate to 1.8 gpm, reducing water usage without compromising performance. SpeedClean silicone nozzles are designed to brush free of limescale with a simple wipe. The durable GROHE StarLight chrome finish keeps the hand shower looking stunning. Plus the Inner WaterGuide prevents the surface from getting too hot, protecting both your skin, and the sparkling chrome finish. And the universal mounting system fits all standard shower hoses. GROHE Euphoria – fluid shapes and functional perfection.

  • spray face Ø 110 mm
  • Rain, Massage, SmartRain
  • <strong>GROHE EcoJoy</strong> 6.6 l/dk akış ölçeri
  • GROHE DreamSpray mükemmel akış
  • GROHE SprayDimmer ile su akışını azaltma
  • GROHE StarLight krom kaplama
  • ay beyazı plaka 
  • SpeedClean kireç kırıcı sistem
  • uzun ömür için Inner WaterGuide
  • universal montaj sistemi, tüm standart duş
    hortumlarına uyumlu

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