K500 Damlalıklı paslanmaz çelik eviye

paslanmaz çelik
TL 2.413,10 Tavsiye edilen perakende fiyatı (KDV dahil)


GROHE K500 stainless steel double sink with drainer – a generous, adaptable and reliable kitchen staple

Choose a kitchen sink that’s built to last, one that offers flexibility, convenience and handy practical features. The GROHE K500 stainless steel sink with drainer is totally rev ersible, coming with two pre-drilled tap holes. Each bowl is a very generous 19.5cm deep, giving this sink the capacity to comfortably fit large pans. GROHE Whisper insulation on the underside reduces noise, and the automatic waste fitting with remote control means you never have to reach into dirty water to pull the plug. Made from durable GROHE StarLight AISI 304 grade stainless steel, the brushed finish makes the surface less porous and easier to keep clean, meaning it will stay looking great for longer. Thanks to the GROHE QuickFix system this sink can be installed swiftly and hassle-free, with no additional equipment required. GROHE K500 stainless steel sinks – quality and style at an amazing price!

  • model: K500 80-S 116/50 2.0 rev
  • montaj tipi: standart
  • malzeme: paslanmaz çelik AISI 304 (V2A)
  • material thickness: 0.7 mm
  • GROHE StarLight kaplama
  • yüzey: saten kaplama
  • GROHE Whisper
  • min.dolap boyutu: 800 mm
  • ebatlar: 1160 x 500 mm
  • çift hazne: 340 x 400 x 195 mm
  • outer radius: R10, inner bowl radius: R60
  • GROHE QuickFix hızlı montaj sistemi
  • çift yönlü kullanılabilir eviye
  • bölme: 1140 x 480 mm
  • batarya delikleri: 2 x 35 mm
  • otomatik gider seti
  • dahil olan akseuarlar: otomatik gider seti,süzgeçli gider, montaj seti
  • tezgah üstü montaj için bağlantı elemanları: 8

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