Grohtherm 1000 Cosmopolitan M Termostatik duş bataryası

Ürün Kodu
hard graphite
606,02 Tavsiye edilen perakende fiyatı (KDV dahil)

The trusty GROHE Grohtherm 1000 Cosmopolitan shower thermostat in Hard Graphite – sophisticated style meets showering luxury!

Versatile, stylish and luxurious, the GROHE Grohtherm 1000 Cosmopolitan thermostatic mixer in Hard Graphite delivers amazing style and performance. Those sudden bursts of icy cold water in the shower are a thing of the past thanks to GROHE TurboStat. This innovative technology instantly delivers the desired water temperature and keeps it constant throughout your shower even if the water pressure changes. For your safety, a temperature of 38°C will only be exceeded upon deactivating the GROHE SafeStop button. It also comes with an additional override option at 43°C. And it’s eco-friendly, too. Like the idea of conserving the environment while cutting your utility bill? No problem. GROHE EcoJoy means you can cut water consumption by up to 50% without a single drop in showering satisfaction. This elegant and compact thermostat also comes with ergonomic metal handles that are incredibly comfortable to grip and turn.

Ana Özellikler

  • duvar tipi
  • GROHE StarLight kaplama
  • GROHE MetalGrip ergonomik metal kollar
  • GROHE SafeStop 38°C’de sabitlenebilir sıcaklık
  • GROHE SafeStop Plus opsiyonel 43°C sabitelenebilir sıcaklık
  • GROHE TurboStat ile sabit sıcaklık
  • entegre miks su kapatma
  • GROHE Ecobutton %50 su tasarrufu sağlayan ekonomi butonu
  • seramik salmastra 1/2", 180°
  • duş alt çıkışı 1/2"
  • entegre çek valf
  • entegre filtre
  • entegre çek valf
  • ekzantrik
  • metal rozet
  • GROHE EcoJoy daha az su tüketimi ve mükemmel akış teknolojisi