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GROHE Sense kit Akıllı su kontrol cihazı + 3 x akıllı su sensörü

22502LN0 - GROHE Sense kit Akıllı su kontrol cihazı + 3 x akıllı su sensörü
22502LN0 - GROHE Sense kit Akıllı su kontrol cihazı + 3 x akıllı su sensörü
22502LN0 - GROHE Sense kit Akıllı su kontrol cihazı + 3 x akıllı su sensörü
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Ürün Numarası 22502LN0
EAN 4005176412066
6.225,68 TL Tavsiye edilen perakende fiyatı (KDV dahil)

Ürün Tanımı

GROHE Sense Kit – make your home safer with one complete kit

Welcome to GROHE Sense – the innovative water control system that is a real life-changer. This kit includes GROHE Sense Guard – a device installed in the pipework that automatically shuts off water in case it detects an emergency – and three GROHE Sense sensors that detect flooding in spaces where water is used such as kitchens and bathrooms. All devices are connected via WLAN to your smartphone so you can manage your home water system using the intuitive GROHE Ondus app. The GROHE Sense Guard's Aquablock function shuts off the water automatically if a pipe bursts*. Even micro leaks** – which can go unnoticed for a long time and lead to lasting damage – are identified. That means total peace of mind even when you are away from home or on holiday! The smart Aqua IQ function learns your patterns of water consumption and detects anomalies***. AquaTrack generates a comprehensive picture of your household usage. The risk of frost damage is reduced as GROHE Sense Guard also assesses water temperature and alerts you if it may freeze. If there is a power failure, however, the system will not shut off the water in case it is still needed and if the WLAN drops it still operates perfectly. For a qualified installer, fitting GROHE Sense Guard is a simple job using the wall-mount set (22501000). It takes only about an hour. The three battery-powered GROHE Sense devices protect vulnerable parts of your home. Just place them on the floor near the potential source of leakage to detect flooding. The GROHE Ondus app is the hub of the system. It takes seconds to download and gives you instant control, allowing you to monitor your water supply, customize your settings and turn off the water manually. Additionally, with the Nest® Home/Away Assist function, GROHE Sense Guard will even turn off your water supply automatically whenever you leave home and turn it on again when you return. The GROHE Sense Kit – stops leaks and reduces water damage to the minimum! * GROHE defines a pipe burst as a complete hole or a crack in the downstream piping system, resulting in an unintended disposal of water with close to maximal flow rate. Pipe burst detection depends on the general water usage profile, therefore time-lag to shut-off can vary significantly. During that time water might be disposed. Achieve higher detection speed by combining the installation with GROHE Sense on critical locations. ** A micro leak test is conducted once every 24 hours. Pipe material, volume and other piping system characteristics can impact the result. Micro leak detection is limited to the cold water system in most cases. Combine with GROHE Sense to monitor potential humidity increase over time. *** Detection speed depending on the water usage profile in the house. Achieve higher detection speed by combining the installation with GROHE Sense on critical locations.

Ürünün Başlıca Özellikleri

Detects burst pipes, automatically shuts off the water supply and alerts you*

GROHE Sense Guard detects a pipe break and automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent your home from being flooded. It alerts you with a pulsating red light and a beeping sound. Even if the system loses Wireless LAN connectivity, the AquaIQ algorithm ensures it works independently.

Shuts off the water supply manually or automatically if a pipe bursts*

Think of the worst thing that can happen when you’re on holiday: a pipe bursts, the cellar gets flooded, mould creeps up the walls, the furniture is ruined and… stop right there! With GROHE Sense Guard, the moment a pipe breaks AquaBlock closes the valve, shuts off the water and saves the day – and the holiday!

Detects even tiny leakages and alerts you

Leaking pipes – along with leaking taps, showers and toilets – cause 28% of all water damage! The smallest leaks can go unnoticed for years, completely saturating walls and floors and causing extensive damage. GROHE Sense Guard detects all kinds of micro leaks and alerts you so you can react.

Ensures all alerts and actions match your household consumption

The self-learning algorithm ensures that all alerts and actions are perfectly adapted to match your household consumption. It discovers anomalies early and informs you of all unusual water consumption*** .

Detects if incoming water could freeze and instantly alerts you

A frozen pipe can occur during extended periods of frost, especially in areas that are not often checked such as the cellar or weekend home. GROHE Sense Guard senses the water temperature as it enters your house and gives you a warning if there is a risk from frozen water.

Tracks your water consumption accurately

With GROHE Sense Guard and the GROHE Ondus app, you can remotely track your water consumption – daily, weekly or monthly – and keep your water bills under control.

GROHE works with Nest® to provide even higher water security

For an even higher level of water security GROHE Sense Guard works with Nest®. When you leave home, GROHE Sense Guard can shut off the water automatically – either immediately or with a time delay (e.g. if you leave washing machine on). And when you return home, the water supply is automatically turned back on.

Su baskınlarını algılar ve sizi uygulama veya e-posta aracılığıyla uyarır

GROHE Sense, istenmeyen suyu tespit eder ve yanıp sönen kırmızı ışık ve titreşimle sizi anında uyarır. Bu sayede su hasarı riski 7/24 önler. Kablosuz LAN bağlantısı olduğu için GROHE ONDUS uygulaması ve e-posta aracılığıyla akıllı telefonunuza uyarı bildirimi gönderir.

Sıcaklığı ölçer ve donma riskini ortadan kaldırır

Oda sıcaklığınızı ölçen entegre sensör, sıcaklık seçili eşik değerlerinin üstünde veya altında olduğu anda GROHE ONDUS uygulaması anlık bildirimi ve e-posta ile sizi anında uyarır – donma hasarı riskini ortadan kaldırmak için mükemmeldir! GROHE Sense, aynı zamanda size eksiksiz bir genel bakış sağlamak için saatlik sıcaklık verilerini günde bir kez iletir.

Nem oranını ölçerek rutubet ve küf oluşumu riskini ortadan kaldırır.

Ortamdaki nemi ölçen entegre sensör, nem oranı 3 saatten daha uzun bir süre boyunca seçili eşik değerlerinin üstünde veya altında olursa GROHE ONDUS uygulaması anlık bildirimi ve e-posta ile sizi uyarır. Rutubet ve küf oluşumu riskini ortadan kaldırmak için mükemmeldir. GROHE Sense, size eksiksiz bir genel bakış sağlamak için saatlik nem verilerini günde bir kez iletir.

Düşük güç sensörü, dört yıllık koruma sağlar

GROHE'nin Düşük Güç Sensörü teknolojisi sayesinde dört yıla kadar su güvenliğinin keyfini çıkarın. GROHE Sense, pil gücü azaldığında cihazınıza hızlı ve kolay bir şekilde yerleştirilebilen üç adet AAA pili değiştirmeniz için sizi uyarır.

Su püskürtmelerine karşı dayanıklı akıllı sensör

GROHE Sense, su püskürtmelerine karşı dayanıklıdır. Suya karşı koruma için IPX3 endüstriyel standardına uygundur.

Bağlı GROHE ürünlerini yönetmek için mobil cihaz uygulaması

Tüm bağlı GROHE ürünlerinizi kontrol edebilmeniz için kullanıcı dostu uygulama. Akıllı, bulut tabanlı teknolojiyi kullanan GROHE ONDUS uygulaması, sudan maksimum düzeyde yararlanmanızı ve güvenliğinizi sağlar.