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Paloma Finesse, designed by Yeşim Kozanlı Architecture & Interior Design, which stands out with its minimalist design featuring the sun and the sea, offers a serene environment in Side, the favorite of the Mediterranean.

Paloma Finesse Resort, designed by interior designer Yeşim Kozanlı, is located in Side, the favorite holiday destination of the Mediterranean. The name of the hotel with 299 rooms, where a minimal and luxurious design setup is preferred, means "elegance & delicacy"

The simplicity of the architectural design brings natural elements such as sun, sea and sky to the fore. The material and color preferences in the structure that extends horizontally instead of vertically strengthen the sense of serenity.

The connection that the artist Günnur Özsoy created for the hotel with the space contributes to this serene atmosphere.

We asked Interior Designer Yeşim Kozanlı, who designed the interiors of Paloma Finesse project:

After the pandemic, many people went into a physical and spiritual recovery process. In this renewal process, we see radical changes in people's needs and demands. How did you make design decisions considering these changes in the Paloma Finesse project?

Paloma Finesse is a project that responds to the need for closeness to nature, where green and water, open spaces and architectural spaces come to life with light. The main elements that create this feeling of spaciousness are the use of elements from nature and the luxurious minimal approach in space design. In this period when the pandemic reminds us of the importance of reconnecting with nature, while we feel that luxury actually comes from simplicity and less is more, we understand that the inner peace and well-being we need is found in the quality time we devote to our family, ourselves and our loved ones.

We have decided to refresh our living spaces and even change our lifestyles during the pandemic period, which has caused many of us to enter the mental and physical healing process. This process, in which we have to be confined to our homes and narrow spaces, leads us to environments where we can breathe and witness life, while increasing our demand for open spaces such as gardens and terraces.

Paloma Finesse is a project built on large spaces with spacers. The nature-centered design approach we witnessed at Finesse allows us to experience drops of sunlight, shadow and breeze while breathing fresh air. The creation of spaces that are separated from each other by wide spaces and transparency and come to life with the reflections of water appeals to our senses strongly.

By keeping the feeling of finesse and the safety of our guests at the highest level, we have created spaces that have been transformed with the understanding of F&B, which is developed in accordance with the social distance rules, which minimizes the hygiene control systems and regulations in the hotel services, and ensures the cleanliness in the general areas with care. We reconfigured the common areas and entertainment areas for the least contact and the safest experience. With various art installations created after the pandemic and projects such as Hug Tree, we aim to offer our guests a feeling of well-being, beyond physical health, as an experience.

For Paloma Finesse, the design decisions taken during the construction phase, the way it spreads over large areas, its spacers and minimalist interior architecture create a natural solution to the distance problem we live in today, while providing a better quality service to the guests.