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Another Bodrum

The Radisson Collection project, designed by Metex Studio Erk, brings together Mediterranean architecture and premium living spaces in a peaceful experience in Bodrum's quiet bay Aspat.

The first Radisson Collection Hotel in Turkey is located in Bodrum, hotel’s architectural design belongs to Ayyapı Turgut Çıkış and Ahmet Sayar and reflects Mediterranean and Aegean architecture. The Radisson Collection project, located in the bay of Aspat, which impresses with the natural beauty of Bodrum, bears the signature of Master Architect Hüray Erk. Combining the characteristics of the mixed project, which adopts the Mediterranean architecture, with premium living spaces, the project promises a serene holiday experience.

Located in a quiet bay facing the island of Kos, the project has 80 rooms & suites, three restaurants, two bars and four meeting rooms. The project, which has a small inland harbor as well as a wide coastline of four hundred meters, establishes a strong relationship with the sea. The combination of Mediterranean architecture and common open spaces with the inner harbor creates a peaceful atmosphere.

We asked Master Architect Hüray Erk, who designed the Radisson Collection project:

After the pandemic, many people went into a physical and spiritual recovery process. In this renewal process, we see radical changes in people's needs and demands. How did you make design decisions for the Radisson Collection project, considering these changes?

With the Covid 19 epidemic, the tourism sector has also been transformed, as in many other sectors. We have witnessed the transformation of our design processes during this period when we were closed with the longing for the times when people would roam freely. Our choices, which we used to make optional in the places we designed, have turned into rules rather than preferences due to the hygiene rules this epidemic has brought into our lives.

The subject of cleaning and hygiene, which started in Turkey in the first quarter of 2020, completely changed people's daily lives and lives and became almost obsessed by everyone when it comes to health, has been one of the inputs of the Radisson Collection Bodrum project, the design and construction of which was completed in this process. Even if this epidemic loses its effect, some rules on hygiene have taken an important place in our design as we prepare for the days when travel restrictions and social isolation will end.

We preferred Grohe's photocell products for our battery selections in general places where human interaction is intense. In particular, using photocell batteries and reservoir caps, which completely eliminate hygiene concerns, reduces the risk of contamination to zero.

In addition, we used easy-to-clean materials in the furniture of general places such as reception, lobby and restaurant, where the density of people can be high. In addition to choosing products and materials, we aimed to eliminate the concerns of our customers that may arise due to the pandemic, while making our plan solutions and placements in these places. We paid attention to the distances between the seating groups by designing the open buffet area, which is generally preferred in hotels, in a way that it can also be used as an à la carte restaurant.

As a result, the most important decision we have made in all of our designs, such as the Radisson Collection Hotel, has been to give priority to the physical and mental health of people.